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About Kapil

Kapil Sharma is an SAP SD/SM consultant with over 12 years of experience helping industry leaders in Telecom, Consumer Goods, and High-Tech achieve their ERP success. During these 12 years he delivered various different variety of SAP projects including, Green-Field Implementations, Production Support and Stabilizations, Geo Expansions (across South America, North America, Europe and Asia), Post Acquisition/Mergers ERP Integration, Post spun-offs ERP system setup & stabilization, ERP Upgrades, Enhancements and Process Improvements.

He started his SAP journey in year 2000 as SAP Power User / BPR and graduated into SAP consulting world as Consultant, Team Lead, Solution Architect, Consulting Manager, and Project Manager. Prior to his SAP Professional journey, Kapil was working in Finance department responsible for Debtors controlling and Revenue/MIS reporting.

Kapil is an MBA in Finance and lives in Bay Area, California, with his wife and Son. In 2010 he wrote his first book “Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution”. The book is a practical guide, filled with tips, tricks and a real-life case study to illustrate the application of the concepts.

In 2012, he launched his website AskKapil.com as a portal to allow his readers to connect with him and get experts advice/guidance from their favorite Author.

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